Safety in Aged Care: Test & Tag Solutions

In the unique environment of aged care facilities, safety is not just a preference - it's an absolute necessity. The residents, with their advanced age and fragile health, require care and safety that goes far beyond what is typical. This is why it's important to keep all electrical appliances and devices in good working condition.

At Test and Tag Training we have a unique solution: empowering you to choose employees within your facility to perform electrical testing and tagging. Our comprehensive Test and Tag Training course is thoughtfully designed to equip your staff with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to carry out these essential tasks. Testing electrical appliances internally ensures timely assessments that align perfectly with the specific needs of aged care. There is no need for external contractors, just in-house expertise dedicated to resident safety and peace of mind.

Empower your aged care home with staff that can internally test and tag electrical items. We train. We equip. You excel.


Safety in aged care

 What's in it for you?

  • Cost Saving: We help you save money by training your staff to do important safety checks in a timely manner. By doing so, you will not have to rely on outside experts every time a safety check is required. Your competent employees can conduct these checks for you.
  • Staying Safe: Our team of experts ensures that you and your team are equipped with the right skills to protect your facility, yourselves, your team, and those you care for from electrical hazards.
  • Following the Rules: We offer courses that comply with Australian safety standards and regulations.
  • Learning New Skills: We teach your team how to do these safety checks themselves, using PAT Testers. Our course is a comprehensive mix of practical and theoretical learnings.
  • Custom Solutions: We're flexible and can adapt to what you need. We come to you if that's easier, or you can opt for our Face-to-face or online courses. We offer a bunch of solutions, it’s all about making it easier for you.

 Test and Tag Staff Aged Care

 Case Study: Mercy Health Aged Care 

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At Mercy Health Aged Care, the commitment to safety and the welfare of their residents has always been a top priority. In their journey to enhance safety measures and efficiency, Mercy Health Aged Care made a strategic decision to have their maintenance officers handle testing and tagging internally. This move significantly reduced their dependence on external contractors, saving costs while equipping their staff with essential skills.

Since 2016, they've purchased 50 PAT testers, trained 50 staff, conducted 38 tester calibrations, and applied 7000 New to Service tags, ensuring the highest safety standards for their residents and employees. Their success story is a testament to the power of internal testing and tagging in aged care facilities.



What is the importance of testing and tagging in aged care?

Regular testing and tagging of electrical equipment is crucial to ensure the safety of residents and staff. It helps identify faulty appliances, reducing the risk of electrical accidents that can cause harm to vulnerable residents. By regularly testing appliances, you can ensure that they work safely, providing peace of mind to both residents and caregivers. As per the Australian Safety Standards this is not just a preference, but a necessity to maintain a secure environment.

How can internal testing save costs for my aged care facility?

Conducting internal testing can result in significant cost savings since it eliminates the need to hire external contractors. By training your own staff to handle testing and tagging, you can minimize the expenses associated with outsourcing services, which can help you make the most of your budget while still maintaining safety standards. Additionally, this approach allows you to equip your staff with valuable skills.

What ongoing support can you expect from our team?

Our team is dedicated to your success even after you complete the course. We offer complete lifetime support, ensuring you have assistance, guidance, and resources whenever you need them. If you have questions, encounter challenges, or require further clarification, our team is just a call or email away, providing the support you need for continued safety.

Are there any specific technical requirements for taking the Course?

Our Course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of test and tag training. To ensure a comprehensive learning experience, it's mandatory to have access to a PAT Tester for hands-on training. If you don't already have one, no worries! You can buy a PAT Tester from us at Appliance Testing Supplies to enhance your learning and practical skills during the course.

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