Does Test & Tag Training Need to be Refreshed? - What You Need to Know

Does Test and Tag Training Need to be Refreshed?

In order to Test and Tag in Australia you must be deemed a ‘Competent Person’ which is defined in the AS/NZS 3760:2022 Standard. Students who successfully complete a Test and Tag course will be deemed competent – but does this training then have to be refreshed?

The short answer is no, however it is very important that in order to retain your status as a Competent Person you MUST have the latest skills and knowledge, as well as keep up to date with the AS/NZS 3760:2022 Standard and any other relevant Codes of Practice.

It is vital to your safety, and the safety of others, that once you have completed training and are deemed competent that you maintain your competency. Standards and regulation do change, and there will always be new items that enter you work environment you may need to learn how to test correctly.

The best way to remain competent is to make sure you check the AS/NZS 3760:2022 Standard regularly and complete further training if you feel the need. We provide an Online Test and Tag Refresher Course which is a great way to ensure you’re completely confident with your testing and tagging skills - and it proves that you’re maintaining an on-going competency which is a requirement.