Testing and Tagging Hire Equipment

Within the test and tag industry, different types of environments determine when an appliance will be tested.

Specifically, for people working within the hire industry (or anyone wanting to hire equipment for themselves) they need to be aware of the minimum requirements as set by the AS/NZS 3760 and 3012 Australian Standard.

  • Visual Inspection - equipment must be visually inspected by the hirer before every hire or lease
  • Tested and Tagged - equipment needs to be tested and tagged every 3 months (it's the hirer's responsibility when it's in their possession) and no longer than 1 month for construction sites
  • Equipment Condition - It is important to ascertain if the equipment is new or used. In case of second-hand equipment, it is highly recommended that the equipment is carefully inspected before use to ensure safety and compliance.
  • Responsibility - If the person hiring the equipment (the hiree) has the item for more than 3 months - only then is it up to them to have it tested

As explained in Table 4 of the Australian Standard, hire equipment must be visually inspected prior to every hire. Additionally, a push button test must be performed by the hirer for the RCD.

This means if you're wanting to hire equipment, make sure you check that the equipment has been inspected prior to hiring it to ensure you're using a compliant item.

With regards to actually testing the unit - this must tested and tagged every 3 months. Once the hiree is using the equipment, if they happen to have it longer than that 3 month period, it then becomes their responsibility to have it tested.

If being used in construction, testing should be no greater than monthly intervals.

Extract of Table 4 - Hire Industry

Hire Equipment Equipment such as Class I, Class II, cord sets, cord extension sets and EPODs Residual Current Devices (RCD's)
Inspection Prior to hire Push-button test by hirer prior to hire
Test and Tag Every 3 months N/A