3 Phase Test & Tag Course

For people who need to test 415V, 3 Phase appliances to AS/NZS 3760, we offer a dedicated three hour course on testing 3 phase appliances.

Considered to be a more specialised field, this course is especially ideal for anyone wanting to gain additional knowledge, or if you're looking to make a career out of testing and tagging. It is suited to people that will need to test 3 phase appliances, are test and tag service providers or work in industries such as construction or manufacturing. The course is delivered by our experienced trainers via a Virtual Classroom experience, or face-to-face across 4 different locations across Australia.

Course Detail

Costs $180 + GST
Duration 3 hours (1pm-4pm)
Locations Virtual Classroom or face-to-face in VIC, NSW, WA & QLD
Qualifications Received Certificate of Attendance
Onsite Training Available Yes

When booked in conjunction with a Plug Top Replacement Course, the total price for doing both courses is $295 + GST (saving of $65).

What You'll Learn

This course will provide the competency for 3 Phase Electrical Testing:

  • How 3 phase testing differs from single phase
  • Testing procedures for different scenarios and appliances
  • Different types of 3 phase testing equipment
  • Common challenges when testing
  • Brief update on any Standard changes
  • Generator testing 
  • 3PH Lifeguard testing
  • Arc welders
  • Fixed/hard wired
  • Distribution boxes/Temp power
  • Q + A Session 

For those of you looking to make a career in Testing & Tagging, 3 Phase Testing is more specialised & offers the opportunity to charge a higher fee for testing.


Completion of a structured Test and Tag Course is a pre-requisite for undertaking this course.