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Our Response to COVID-19: Improved Safety Practices

Last updated 19th March

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are currently increasing our precautionary measures in order to stay on top of this ever-changing situation. Test and Tag Courses are still running as per normal, but safety is our highest priority and that is why we're going above and beyond to ensure our students have the peace of mind when walking into one of our courses.

We have implemented improved hygiene practices across the board for all of our courses, along with altering other processes.

Online Test & Tag Course

If you're unsure about coming into our classroom, we're now offering a fully accredited online test and tag course. The theory section of our course is completed online at your own pace with our interactive learning module, while the hands-on learning section and assessment is done via our virtual classroom. Our experienced trainer will take you through every step of the test and tag process all via Zoom.

Sterilised rooms and equipment

In addition to our training rooms being sterilised daily, all of our test and tag equipment and anything being handled in class will be disinfected throughout the day. We ask that you keep on top of washing your hands and refrain from touching others unnecessarily. In addition to this, all students attending our course will have their temperature read with a non-contact thermometer prior to entering our building and be asked to use hand sanitizer. If we feel any student is a risk, we can refuse entry to ensure the safety of others.

Smaller Class Sizes

Instead of our usual maximum of 12 students, we have now changed this to a maximum of 8 students - this will increase the spacing between students. From the information provided by the Government, smaller group sizes inherently poses a much smaller risk. Also, to ensure other students in your course are on the safer side, we'll be checking a few background questions prior to training, such as whether they have travelled recently and if they display any symptoms (a declaration will need to be signed prior to training).