Emergency and Exit Light Inspection Course

This course will give you the required knowledge and skills to competently inspect emergency and exit lighting according to Australian Standards and the National Construction Code (NCC).

Being able to offer this service is also a perfect add-on for people who are already testing and tagging, as well as business owners wanting to do it in-house.

It involves checking that the emergency lights and signage is operational and functional, while also conforming to the AS/NZS 2293 Standard. This is limited to cleaning and replacing batteries, but does not include repairs or installation which are related to particular licenced trades.


Course Detail

Costs $329 + GST
Duration 1 day face-to-face (8:00am - 4:30pm)
Locations Victoria
Qualifications Received Certificate of Attendance
Structure Theory and Practical
Electrical Knowledge No previous electrical background is required

What You'll Learn

  • Maintenance of Emergency Systems according to Standards
  • Legal requirements for buildings
  • Ability to identify emergency lighting and if it conforms to AS/NZS 2293 Standard
  • Performing a functionality test
  • Identifying hazards and related OHS
  • Protecting yourself against exposure
  • Testing frequencies
  • How pictographs work (i.e. the sign saying 'EXIT' or having particular arrows)
  • Rules for changing batteries

What's Involved

The purpose of emergency lighting and exit signage is to assist people in vacating a building during an emergency.

There a requirements set out in the National Construction Code (NCC), along with Standards for lighting AS/NZS 2293. Public buildings are issued with a Certificate of Occupancy, which usually requires a test to be completed every 6 months.

By doing this 1 day course you'll learn how to conduct tests to assess the functionality of the emergency lights. This consists of simulating a loss of mains power and observing the results. You'll also check that the emergency lighting conforms to the Standards, such as identifying hazards, the pictograph being shown correctly and the appropriateness of the sign being used.


No previous electrical knowledge or background is required to complete this course.