Test & Tag Regulation QLD

QLD Test and Tag Regulation

What is Test and Tag Regulation in Queensland?

If you are looking to offer Testing and Tagging as a service to others in Queensland, you will need to apply to the QLD Electrical Safety Office for a Restricted Electrical Contractors Licence, in addition to completing a Nationally Recognised Test & Tag Course.

Or in other words, if you wish to test and tag equipment owned by anyone with a different ABN number to yours in QLD, you will a licence from the Electrical Safety Office.

How it Works:

Testing and Tagging - Your Own Equipment

If you will be testing and tagging your own personal equipment in QLD, then the process is quite simple:

Testing and Tagging - Providing a Service for Others

If you wish to test and tag for anyone other than yourself or your own company, then there is a few extra steps in the process:

  • Complete a Nationally Recognised Test and Tag Course and/or Test and Tag Business Course if required
  • Apply to the Queensland Electrical Safety Office for a Restricted Electrical Contractors Licence
  • Work with AS/NZS 3760 or 3012 Standards
  • Maintain competency and adhere to all Queensland state regulation and guidelines

Electrical Safety Office:

If you wish to provide testing and tagging as a service to others, the Electrical Safety Office (ESO) requires you have both test and tag, and business knowledge. In some cases, you may need to undertake additional business training in order to fulfil the requirements of the Restricted Electrical Contractors Licence. The ESO will advise if you need to complete further training on application.

If you operate as a sub-contractor to a business and offer test and tag only within that business, you are still required to hold a license in order to test and tag.

AS/NZS 3760 & 3012 Standards

There are also some standard test and tag requirements that apply in QLD no matter if you are just testing for yourself, or others. These include Test Tag Colours and Intervals (or otherwise known as test frequency).

The AS 3760 and 3012 are the main Australian Standards used for testing and tagging in QLD. 

The Test and Tag Standard was updated in 2022 and now includes a host of changes since the previous version set in 2010. It's also now referred to as AS/NZS 3760:2022.

Test Tag Colours QLD

If you will be working in Construction, Mining or Demolition industry, then you will be required to use certain Test Tag Colours which indicate which quarter of the year the testing has been conducted in.

Test and Tag Colours QLD

If you are not working in any of these industries, then you are not required to use any specific tag colour for any months.

Test and Tag Intervals QLD

Testing Intervals are also another standard requirment. Interval lengths are mostly dependant on the type of environment an electrical appliance is in. We generally recommend the following frequencies:

  • Building, Construction and Demolition: 3 months
  • Factories, Warehouses and Production: 6 months
  • An environment where the equipment/supply cord is prone to flexing or open to abuse: 12 months
  • An environment where the equipment/supply cord is not prone to flexing or open to abuse: 5 years 

It is important to make sure you work with the relevant standards and adhere to any individual company OHS or risk management policies, as they may require different testing frequencies.