How to Test and Tag a USB Charger

Test & Tag Training have discovered that there's quite a bit of confusion surrounding how to test and tag USB chargers, or if they should be tested at all. 

Although USB chargers produces low voltage DC electricity and the standard states that you dont need to electrically test anything under 50V, this is not the case in this scenario. USB chargers still need to be visually inspected and electrically tested on the AC side of the transformer (the side that plugs into the wall) as this side carries 240V AC Current.

There is a common misconception that low voltage items don't need to be tested, however:

  • The AC side of the USB charger must be tested (the side that plugs into the wall)
  • Visually inspect and check the pins for protective insulation
  • Faults can be detected during Class II Insulation resistance or Class II Leakage Tests

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